Wriggle out from a virtual world surrounding you by entering Babel and start climbing its infinite tower.

Ascension is a 2D action platformer, with roguelike elements, mixing codes from Arkanoid and twin-stick shooter.




Shinar is a lost soul of Webylum, a virtual world so ancient that no one remembers its origins. He wanders in this numerical wide world until the day he receives a strange message encouraging him to break the code in order to gain freedom.

Shinar goes to Babel to fight its tower spreading through the sky and finally find answers.



2D Action platformer

Roguelike’s elements

Evolve Shinar and his ship if you want to reach the top of Babel

Learn how to manage Shinar and his ship at the same time

Inspired by NES games era

Modernized Arknoid gameplay with a twin-stick shooter touch!

Babel will be different every time you start a new game